Attorney Wade J. Skalsky – Los Angeles DUI Defense

DUI Attorney In Los Angeles:  We Know How To Win

  • Former Prosecutor Wade Skalsky has handled thousands of DUI cases across California.
  • Affordable Fees: You can afford the highest quality representation.  Payment plans available.
  • Personalized service: Your DUI case will be handled by Mr. Skalsky, not an inexperienced associate.
  • Knowledge: Mr. Skalsky is an adjunct law professor who know how the criminal justice system works.
  • Free consults available, seven days a week.

You deserve a DUI lawyer who will listen and fight for you.  No judgment. Only advocacy. That’s what attorney Wade J. Skalsky believes in. He knows that people make mistakes and doesn’t believe they should have to live with that mistake forever. Wade serves the greater Los Angeles area and specializes in fighting DUIs, Record Expungements, and Early Termination of Probation.



Attorney Wade J. SkalskyTake Control of Your Future: Clear Your Record

Don’t let past mistakes haunt you. You might feel like there’s nothing that can be done, but that’s not true. Fighting a DUI or expunging a conviction doesn’t just affect your record, but your life. You won’t have to fear being denied for loans, education, or employment because of errors you made in the past.

If you are looking for a lawyer in the Los Angeles area to help you with something other than Expungement and Early Termination of Probation or a DUI, use Wade’s Lawyer Locator. He can find an attorney in your area specializing in your issue to handle your case.

An Experienced DUI Lawyer You Can Trust

Wade J. Skalsky is an attorney in California serving the greater Los Angeles area. He worked as a prosecutor, appellate attorney and trial litigator. He is passionate about helping people.  Good people make mistakes, and nobody deserves to be judged.  He’s been helping everyday people get their lives and their pride back after a conviction.

Personalized attention and compassion are the cornerstones of Wade’s practice. Every client receives a “Client Bill of Rights.” These rights include:

  • Your right to excellent representation
  • Your right to courteous, accessible, and dependable service
  • Your right to feel that you are not a number.
  • Your right not to be forgotten.

“Use Wade” Means Personalized Service, Outstanding Results

When you hire Wade, you will be working with Wade, not an associate. He knows that dealing with the legal system can be frustrating and stressful, which is why he makes it a priority to be available to his clients beyond banking hours. He’ll lead you through the process step by step and answer any question you have. Call today.


Wade Skalsky, Attorney at Law, is a DUI Attorney who handles cases throughout Los Angeles, San Diego and Southern California.  Please call for more information regarding any criminal or DUI case.  Free Consultation.